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Stay Informed and Engaged: Review Our Profession's Legislative Landscape

As a School Psychologist and/or member of the Georgia Association of School Psychologists (GASP), it is crucial to stay abreast of legislative developments that directly impact our scope of work and ability to serve students effectively. We encourage you to review and familiarize yourself with previously passed and failed legislation in the state of Georgia that has implications for School Psychologists.

By understanding the legislative landscape, you can:

  • Gain insights into the current regulatory environment and anticipate potential changes.
  • Identify areas where legislative action is needed to enhance the practice of School Psychology.
  • Engage in informed discussions with policymakers and advocate for the needs of School Psychologists and students.

By staying informed about legislative developments, you can actively participate in shaping the future of our profession. Your knowledge and advocacy can make a significant difference in ensuring that School Psychologists are empowered to provide the best possible support for Georgia's students.

     Legislative Initiatives      Children's Mental Health Committee  School Psychologists Shortage
 Day at Capitol
Legislation Issues
School Psychologist Shortages
Draft letter for use  The 1:2475 ratio has not been
reduced in over 30 years. NASP's
model recommends a ratio of
1:700 or less to be able to provide
effective school psychological services.

ESSA Implementation Plan

Consolidated Plan
DOE link

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

ESSA takes effect at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year and it is critical that key decision-makers understand the unique role of school psychologists. To help support this, NASP has created a series of fact sheets about portions of the law and the role of school psychologists. For each key topic, there is a fact sheet to help educate school psychologists about their role in ESSA and a companion fact sheet for school administrators and other key decision makers that articulates specific ways school psychologists can help with effective ESSA implementation and, most importantly, improve outcomes for all students.  ESSA Implementation Resource for School Psychologists NASP’s page.

GA's ESSA Plan

First Priority Act (Failing Schools Plan)

General Assembly Legislation

2017 Legislative Recap

2018 Issues & Budget highlights

Education Reform Commission (ERC)

The final report from Governor Deal’s Education Reform Commission generated recommendations and potential bills which may be moving through the General Assembly during the 2017 Session.

Twitter: @GASP_Advocacy follow us for important legislative information.


National Association of School Psychologists Advocacy Action Center:

NASP has an Advocacy Action Center website as well as research & policy.

Receiving Updates:

Please remember to sign up to receive legislative updates from other professional educator associations in Georgia and nationwide. You can sign up to receive legislative updates from the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) advocacy site. The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) Legislative Action Center is also a good resource to follow. In addition, the National Education Association’s (NEA) Legislative Action Center is a useful resource and you can sign up to receive NEA legislative updates from them.

Local School Board Meetings:

Members are encouraged to consider attending their local school board meetings. This is an excellent way to advocate for our profession at the local level and may also serve to influence changes that may be of benefit to school psychologists and/or the families they serve.

Summary Legislative Links

PAGE 2016 GA Legislation Session Archive - Governor Deal's VETO statements


GASP's response that was requested from us during the 2016 legislative session concerning HB 395. HB 395 never made it out of the Health and Human Services Committee- House Second Readers. This Bill sought to define and restrict certain professions for conducting psychological testing. This bill was apparently addressing licensed professionals and scope of practice but due to the nature of the content- GASP board crafted a response to the language in the bill.

GASP's Response to language in HB 395



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