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About School Psychologists

School Psychologists

    • are state and nationally certified professionals who serve preschool to adult individuals in public and private settings.
    • help students who may be having learning, behavioral and emotional problems through a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment and intervention.
    • serve the school system by consulting with teachers, parents and administrators aiding them with information and recommendations.
    • conduct research to help promote effective forms of learning, discipline, and social interaction.
    • are liaisons and effective personnel in the event of a crisis to help alleviate the stressors and promote healthy transition in the schools and community.

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Georgia House Resolution 1722 - Recognizes School Psychologists Efforts in Georgia! (passed during 2009-2010 Legislative Session)

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   What is a School Psychologist? - Information about what we do.

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  School Psychology University Programs in Georgia
Georgia Southern University (EdS),
Georgia State University (EdS, PhD),
University of Georgia (EdS, PhD)


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