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School Safety, Crisis &
Student Mental Health Resources

The Links below are resources for your use during times of need.

Framework for Building Safe & Succesful Schools- This is a supported coalition which provides a framework for improving school safety and increasing access to mental health supports for children and youth. Efforts to improve school climate, safety, and learning are not separate endeavors. They must be designed, funded, and implemented as a comprehensive school-wide approach that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and builds on a multitiered system of supports. GASP is a supporter of this framework for schools in Georgia! (ASCA, NASP, SSWAA, NASRO, NAESP, NASSP developed)

Crisis and School Safety Resources- NASP Resources and Handouts on variety of crisis, child trama and safety related issues

School Psychologists Roles in School Based Mental Health - A two-page handout describing roles of school psychologists in the continuum of mental health support services.

Bullying- NASP Resources and Research on bullying issues

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry- Topical information sheets on a wide variety of topics from ADHD to sleeping problems

Death, Grief and Loss- NASP Resource, Kids Health Resource, AACAP Resource

Suicide Prevention & Intervention- NASP Resources

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