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GASP Early History & Past Presidents Listing

 Beginnings of GASP

In 1965, Herman Sorkey came to the University of Georgia to be the Coordinator and Director of Professional Training for the Experienced Teacher Fellowship Program. Under the leadership of Sorkey and E. Paul Torrance, the first institute was held during the 1965-1966 academic year. The program also met for the last time the following year.

This program was developed in response to the expressed needs of Georgia School Systems (especially those in metropolitan Atlanta) and at the request of the Georgia State Department for persons trained in School Psychology.

The program was to promote development of school psychologist competencies in individual testing, psychodiagnosis, interviewing, consultation. The program was to be rooted deeply in the foundational areas of learning, personality, human development, group dynamics, measurement, statistics, and research methods to enable skills in those trained to cope and develop creative solutions for the unique problems which school psychologist handle.

As an outgrowth of this program, participants and others across the state felt the need to establish a professional organization in Georgia. A temporary Executive Board was elected as a Constitution Committee.

 First Executive Board
Jim Parker
Reed Richards
Nancy Bonney
Midge Bower
Richard Kicklighter 
Julia Wimberly

The first annual Georgia School Psychological Services Association meeting was held on May 8, 1970 in conjunction with the Spring School Psychology In-Service Workshop sponsored by the Georgia State DOE. The GSPSA constitution was adopted at the first business meeting.

Dues for 1970-1971 were $10 for professionals and $5 for affiliates and students!



 Past Presidents of GASP


1970-71- Donald L. Herndon
1971-72- Mary Ben McDorman
1972-73- George W. Briggs
1973-74- William A. Norton
1974-75- Jim Niblett
1975-76- Myra P. Clark
1976-77- Harry A. Hamm
1977-78- Joan A. Jordan
1978-79- Felix Martin
1979-80- Gary Evans
1980-81- Richard Swenson
1981-82- Jimmy Wheeler
1982-83- Kathy King
1983-84- Brenda Bailey
1984-85- Faith W. Turner
1985-86- Don Blagg
1986-87- Mark Hamil
1987-88- Lester E. Miller
1988-89- John McGavin
1989-90- Lynda Boucugnani
1990-91- Deborah Crockett
1991-92- Patricia McAfee
1992-93- Tom Batey
1993-94- Steve Corkery
1994-95- Lewis Kimball
1995-96- Danny Smith
1996-97- Polly Diamond
1997-98- Donna Mcnair
1998-99- Gale D. Thomas
1999-00- Jeanne Pound

2000-01- Robert Smith
2001-02- George Wrensen
2002-03- Cindy Barber
2003-04- Christine Daley
2004-05- Katie Edwards
2005-06- Karyn Leggett
2006-07- Carol Kennon
2007-08- Tracy Boney
2008-09- Michael Johnson
2009-10- Deborah Crockett
2010-11- Catherine Cadenhead
2011-12- Candace Ford
2012-13- Karen Hodges
2013-14- Bruce Rogers
2014-15- Cathy McKenzie
2015-16- Christy Hagan
2016-17- Susan Bryant
2017-18- Brannon Parks
2018-19- Courtney Holley
2019-20- Janine Sheedy
2020-21- Jason Linticum
2021-22-  carry over COVID

2022-23- Kimberly Franklin

2023-2024- Tony West Jr.

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